Folding Loft Ladder Standard Version : Staircase pack steel colour, Chipboard panel mm16, 4 left and right handrails, left and right rail anchorages, 4 tirnbuckles support, 4 canals bracket, nuts and bolts, cricket lock pull down pole, Certificate UNI EN 14975:2010.

Product Description

The Folding Loft Ladder is particularly suitable for inspecting technical environments. The emblematic example to understand its use is: the inspection of the boiler room located on the upper floor where access is reserved for technicians. Stability is very appreciated, even when used with heavy loads, it is always safe. The ladder is equipped with four shaped climbing supports, these offer a comfortable support both during going up and down. The ascending segments, turn upside down forming a real ramp, the result of a careful engineering project. It will  totally disappear when you decide to store it in its frame. The use of the ladder is medium difficult.

Loft Folding Ladder 4 Pieces