Motorized AutoAttic Vip® Loft Ladder Standard Version : Staircase Pack steel colour, Multilayered magnetic panel mm16, left and right rail anchorages, 4 turnbuckles support, 4 canals bracket, nuts and bolts, power supply 110/220V, remote including battery, Certified UNI EN 14975:2010.

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Product Description

The AutoAttic Vip® Concertina Ladder is the leading product of our range. Opening and closing the trapdoor in a click will be the most beautiful satisfaction to make you appreciate your attic or your upper floor bedroom. It will decorate the environment in which it is located and offers various possibilities for customization, an example are the led lights supplied on the panel, will make your friends envious. Safe, stable and strong, always ready for functioning. The ladder is equipped with an electromechanical low noise level actuator. The remote control guarantees the operation but if you install the wall switch  you will amplify the feeling of pleasure in seeing it work. The use of the ladder is very simple.

Motorized Concertina AutoAttic Vip® Ladder