Pantograph Terrace Ladder Standard Version: Staircase pack steel colour, Chipboard panel mm16, left and right rail anchorages, 4 turnbuckles support, galvanized external covering, nuts and bolts, cricket lock, pull down pole, Certified UNI EN 14975:2010

Product Description

The  Pantograph Terrace Ladder is useful and safe for reaching floors located outside your homes. Among the most modern projects of garden design, the hanging gardens with which it is possible to exploit raised terraces and roofs of houses have come back into fashion. A versatile solution from the design point of view, because even those who do not have a garden can now enjoy a green area. Simple and functional will be the ladder you  desire, it will seem easy to touch the sky with a finger! The use of the ladder is simple.

Concertina Terrace Loft Ladder