Folding Terrace Ladder Standard Version : Staircase pack steel colour, Chipboard panel mm16, 4 left and right handrails left and right rail anchorages, 4 turnbuckles support, galvanized external covering, nuts and bolts, cricket lock pull down pole, Certified UNI EN 14975:2010

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Product Description

The Folding Terrace Ladder is particularly suitable for inspecting technical environments. Used purely by technitians, it offers the possibility of carrying out extreme maintenance to your photovoltaic system. If you want to use it also for the normal control procedures, it will be easy to access the outdoor terrace. Accompanied by four shaped climbing supports, these offer a comfortable support both during the ascent and the descent. Once the staircase is open, we will find ourselves in front of a real rung, the result of a careful engineering project. Stable and safe in use. The use of the ladder is medium difficult.

Folding Terrace Ladder