Pantograph Wall Ladder Standard Version : Staircase pack steel colour, Chipboard panel mm16, 4 turnbuckles support, 4 L supports, nuts and bolts, opening ring, pull down pole, Certified UNI EN 14975:2010

Product Description

The Pantograph Wall Ladder is the most logical utility in the world of the most sought after accessories. A jewel in the field of interior design that captures the most private part of each individual. Made of deep molding and galvanized in electrolytic, it guarantees a very appreciable finishing result. The 180 ° flap mechanism will allow you to reach the wall hole in absolute safety and without worrying about the overall dimensions on the ground. Once closed in the wall hole it will be absolutely invisible. Daily use will be the ideal and economical solution to exploit your space. Safety for the user is guaranteed. The use of the ladder is medium difficult.

Concertina Wall Ladder